Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Collar No Crown Silver Coin

This is a 1/1000 custom minted coin. A private mint (The Northwest Territorial Mint) developed the art from sketches and directions made by a friend of liberty & the Austrian School of economics in the Wind River Range area of Wyoming.  

The coin contains 1/2 Troy ounce of silver.

“One side says "No Collar No Crown" and "Liberty Law Justice."  The words mean that no one has a right to command, and no one has an obligation to obey.  No one is above or below the law.  Further it means the result of voluntary society is liberty, law, and justice.

Lady Liberty is armed, and is slicing through both a crown and a collar, symbolizing cutting down uniformed authority and abuse.  Liberty appears armed in some historical images, notably atop the Texas capitol.

Liberty is holding a book of law, almost as a shield.  Written law is indicative of the rule of law, universally applied, not the arbitrary rule of despots.  The building has scales of justice.  The building can be entered for judgment if chosen, or left if not.  So: Liberty, Law and Justice.

The side with the building represents civilization.  Civilization can be seen as primarily built by men for women, directed by women.  For proof see any typical male bachelor apartment.

The man on the buckin' horse represents wildness and nature, the flip side of civilization.  Both wildness and civilization are part of a complete world.  The skyline is the Tetons, an iconic Wyoming landmark indicating a desire that liberty come to Wyoming.

The bird is a golden eagle, a truly noble creature unlike the bald eagle which is a scavenger related to the buzzard.   The golden eagle indicates a desire for an end to federal hegemony, not conflict, just that the bald eagle is out of the picture.

The coins should not stay in the plastic.  They should be clinking coins. Leaving them in the plastic is like receiving a gift and not opening it.”

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