Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why am I and other Atheists Such Jerks Toward Christians? -by Openly Voluntary

Many of those tolerant of religion are offended by atheists outspoken criticism and lack of "respect" for religious people and their beliefs.  Why do these godless heathens care if their politicians and newscasters are guided by faith rather than reason?  What is wrong with letting other people believe what they want to believe, even if it is different that an atheist's choice?

Great question, I am glad you asked!  Foundations.  A brilliant atheist "deep thought" from centuries ago suggests that one should build their house upon stone rather than sand. 

"Before one contemplates things, he ought contemplate how he will think about things." -Oplenly Voluntary One
Logic, reason and the scientific method are my foundation.  What is your foundation?  Using these methods, I contemplate my preferences.  I have concluded that I prefer peace to war, free markets to controlled markets, liberty rather than government and having sexual intercourse with women rather than men.

If you challenge one of my preferences, I shall intelligently defend/discuss that preference while thoughtfully considering YOUR argument, and if I fail to convince you, I will at least agree not to impose that preference upon you by force.

Back to the subject of my OP.  ( What is an OP?  An OP is an "Original Post." ) Why not let folks who believe in ghosts run my life?  Really, you don't see a problem with that?

In a free society, no person would use force to have control over another person.  People could believe in VooDoo and refuse to hire Christians because they find the tradition of ritualistic cannibalism to be distasteful. Those who enjoy communion could do so.  If Brad Pitt's love of unions faded and was replaced by a passionate belief in Unicorns, he would be allowed to believe this.  He could build unicorn churches and reclaim the Christian church's steeple for his own branding purposes.

Brad would be able to use faith and showmanship to convince weak minded people to join him.  He could even promise them that if they donate 10% of their earnings (pre-tax) that they could someday join him and many colorful unicorns in a commune in the sky that is invisible to NASA telescopes.  This is OK with me.

What is NOT OK with me, is if it is demanded by a Unicornist that I take them seriously or "respect" their beliefs.  Perhaps I will still enjoy playing Texas Holdem with these delusional people, perhaps I will still count them as friends, but to remain intellectually honest with myself, I can not respect their delusions and pretend they are real.

Nothing wrong with believing in gods, unicorns or bigfoot, and we can still be friends.  Just know that I might tease you good-naturally if we see a big hairy dude lumbering along... "Is that Bigfoot?"

More coming.... in the meantime, please spend some time visiting our friends at: www.whywontgodhealamputees.com

"Why can't we sit down and have a respectful and serious conversation about the existence of God and unicorns?"  -Openly Voluntary One

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