Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stupid People? -by Openly Voluntary One

Is the world filled with stupid people?  To the Austrian economist voluntaryist atheist, it often appears so.  To the savvy observer of Hitler's and Saddam's and Mao's and Obama's and Lincoln's reigns of terror; it appeared so.  To the computer geek (no offense to my libertarian friends) whose talk about html & java script is not understood by his entrepreneur clients, he thinks so.

The issue of force seems very simple to me, but it has not always so.  Only since 2008 have I been "enlightened."  Prior to that, I thought that government was super-cool, but that it needed to be small.  I supported statists like Ron Paul and looked back with fondness at Jefferson, Reagan and Goldwater.

Was I "stupid?"  My IQ was not very different than it is now, and while I received a "thanks anyway" letter from MENSA, I am still a bit above average in intelligence.  My "sense" was pretty common.  I think that I was not stupid, however I was absolutely uninformed and inconsistent in my thinking.

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