Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spreading your god slop on facebook sucks - by Openly Voluntary One

Some christians are offended when atheists don’t want religion pushed in their face.  They have no clue how many times each day, atheists are bombarded with what we view as delusional perceptions.  Today for example, I looked at my facebook wall and I saw these posts made by my friends:

“I'm so proud of my two boys. They passed five sections in AWANA's (which means they could say up to five Bible verses from memory) and they won this award....they got root beer, candy, popcorn, free movie rental from Redbox. This is a big accomplishment and they were so proud when they came home and were able to tell their dad what they did!”
...and another...

“God just gave me an exceptional air & ground show! Unfortunately my pictures & video don't even come close to showing the true beauty that I got to witness.... Obviously a dead deer on the mountain, bummer... however it brought in two Bald Eagles & four Golden Eagles! Amazing! Feeling Blessed once again to live in this state.” 

God training eagles for above mentioned airshow.

The thinking person immediately recognizes the problems here, with the first post being most disturbing.  When attempting to create a world of open-minded thinking people, how difficult will it be to reach these two boys with a message of reason?  They are being conditioned from an early age to believe in a certain thing, not through rational examination with numerous options being presented, but rather with rote memorization rewarded with treats and daddy’s love.  

The second example is frustrating not because of the poster’s love of watching wildlife and the cycle of life, but because credit is given to a god, who in my understanding up to this point in my life does not exist and had nothing to do with the incident.  If god did give her the show, his first act was to kill a deer.  Then he brought in eagles to feed on the corpse.  What a jerk, huh?  Probably the same kinda guy that would enjoy cockfighting or the stuff discussed in Leviticus.

When Christians ask why atheists care and why we don’t just ignore things we don’t like, like nonsensical posts on facebook, my response is that we typically do, however every so often nonsensical BS piles so high that we have to release some pressure. That is why every so often you will hear us make a snide remark designed to make a theist feel stupid.  

Mostly though, we just try to ignore you, and we walk away in bewilderment.  Perhaps there IS a god or 7 score of them, but we don't believe that.  

Another one:

"I'm wishing that I had an excellent camera to capture the lunar eclipse right now. It's not often you get to see our beautiful moon appear to be red. God does some pretty amazing things in this creation of His."
It would not be intellectually honest for us to respect that which we don't believe, however I absolutely respect your right to believe whatever you want.  Heck, I could be wrong!  :)  Let's be friends in the meantime, and I will forgive what you say that frustrates me and I hope you will do the same.


  1. When feeling glib, I leave a comment on such posts:

    You're Welcome!

    Most people close to me have been exposed to my claim that I am the only God I know. Like Abraham's story about when he went up the mountain and God told him what His name was: "I am". Old Abe, I imagine, at that point, realized how foolish people were because they didn't get it, so then he told them that God instructed him to murder his own son, which he was about to do, but then God said to use a lamb or a goat or something instead, so he did. And he used that story to convince people that God was merciful to those who obey. Talk about screwing with your mind, eh?

    While I can't control the behavior of other gods or things that physics has removed from my influence, everything else is mine to do with as I please. I am the center of my universe because in whatever direction I turn my gaze, I see the same amount of stuff. Being trapped in this body has made me forget much of my omniscience, but it's coming back slowly - learning is a lifelong endeavor. And I can see things from your perspective when this body is aware of your perspective.

  2. Excellent response! You are a pretty wise dude Dave!