Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Christian? -by Openly Voluntary


What is your definition of "good?"

According to my understanding and use of the word "good" in this context, yes, there are good christians.  There are "good" people that have a delusion.  Many Christians are otherwise sane and intelligent people.  They are in most ways "good" people.

My evaluation of "good" has most to due with an absence of force.  If a lady friend believes that Clint Eastwood is in love with them, but aside from this erotomanic delusion, she is kind, intelligent and peaceful, I do not have a quarrel with her.  I will dine with her, debate philosophy and other topics with her and consider her a friend.

If she ever insist that I legitimize her delusion, I become concerned.  If she expects me to nod as though I agree when she says that Clint has been having trouble reaching her, but that he really wants to start a new family with her; she is out of luck.  I might be a huge fan of her blog that discusses liberty, growing carrots, and other topics, while staying away from the topic of her romance with Clint.  If she is otherwise intelligent and rational, it is unlikely that I will mock her delusion on MY blog.

My lady friend and Christians can be "good" and respectable in many ways.  I might well have delusions in some way that I am not aware of, and I hope that my friends extend the same position toward me.

What are your logical and rational thoughts on the issue?


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