Sunday, February 2, 2014

About Openly Voluntary One

I first read Atlas Shrugged in the mid-90's and became a minarchist with libertarian leanings, and in 2007 learned about Ron Paul and became a leader in my state with his campaign, serving as a state delegate and a county enthusiast/volunteer for the Republican Party.  I learned much about politics & government and began doubting their value.

Around this time a minarchist friend shared a quote with me.

"Q: What is the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?
A: About 2 to 3 years if you are paying attention, or in my case 7 years."

He also shared with me a youtube video of Tom Woods and Doug Casey, "Is Limited Government an Oxymoron.

My journey continued by reading many books and listening to many lectures. I discovered Carl Watner's website and read his excellent book, "I must Speak Out."  I was becoming a full-blown voluntaryist, as well as growing from an agnostic to an atheist.

Simultaneously, I was achieving some success in the business world.  As a somewhat recognizable public person, I considered my experience during the 2007/2008 Ron Paul days.  I owned a different company then, and had learned through word of mouth that the company was losing clients that had discovered I was supportive of Ron Paul, who by mainstream standards was "fringe."

I have a passion for liberty, but for personal financial reasons I am fearful to reveal my true identity or to write using my real name.  Cowardly?  Perhaps and probably, but that is my choice and I request that you respect it.  If you know me by my original name used for mainstream purposes, please do not connect it with this blog or my pen name Openly Voluntary One.

Why choose "Openly Voluntary?"  I like irony.

Yours in liberty,
Openly Voluntary One

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