Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Under Control of..." facebook Posts for You

This is a series of facebook posts that a voluntaryist made that had a great response.  Feel free to cut, paste & edit without attribution (or with).  You can find a picture of the antagonist mentioned and post it.

When Hitler was in control, he required special license for people of most professions. Even something like hair-cutting was regulated, and a person had to have a license to cut hair in exchange for money.

Hitler cited "hygiene" as his excuse to collect money and have even greater control over all aspects of his citizen's lives, 'after all, we don't want little children to get lice." Like Marxists, Hitler recognized capitalism's existence, and like them, he did not want to leave citizens free to pursue their happiness, with risks and returns being uncertain.

Of course, all intelligent observers know that Hitler and other similar mentalities don't REALLY care about someone getting hair-bugs ... it is about control, and of course he was supported by barber schools and the government licensing board as well as many established barbers who welcomed this artificial barrier to entry.

For those of you that live in places where both young children and wise old women would be disbelieving that such tyrannical totalitarianism could have been accepted by the citizens, be grateful for your enlightened community! Freedom IS wonderful!

Under the violent iron fist of Pol Pot, a Cambodian citizen was not allowed to build an addition to their home without first receiving a government "license" to do so.

This violation of the human right of use of property seems ridiculous and unbelievable to most peaceful people today, but those that do not study history are doomed to.... smile emoticon

Pol Pot obviously couched this and other oppressive government dictates in an aura of "caring about comrades and their safety." Today the thinking person recognizes it as absolute totalitarian tyranny.

For those of my friends that do not have to live under these conditions or at least recognize their inherent wrongness, salute an intellectual today.

When Stalin was in power, simple private affairs like selecting a spouse and getting married were not left to the individuals involved. Under Stalin's rule, a couple that wanted to get married first had to get a license from a local government office.

Obviously, this kind of totalitarian tyranny is in violation of the basic human right to associate peacefully with others and enter into mutually agreed upon contracts without intervention.

For those of you that live in a free land, celebrate your freedom.

In communist China, a person that wants to use their own car to provide transportation services may not do so until he has a government license.

This kind of totalitarian statism is obviously oppressive, even when hidden under the specious veil of "safety." Evidently the Chinese people are not "made of the stuff" to stop their government from this kind of ridiculous insertion into their private lives and entrepreneurial endeavors. The victims should not be hated, but rather pitied.

For those of you that live in places that freedom still exists, please take a moment to be grateful today. It is a big deal, really.

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