Thursday, March 17, 2016

People who say they are proud to pay "their taxes" are lying. Always. -by Larken Rose

People who say they are proud to pay "their taxes" are lying. Always.  

by Larken Rose

1) You might be proud to voluntarily help some poor person, but if some poor person robbed you at gunpoint, what is there to be proud of? Why take pride in something that wasn't your idea, and that you didn't have a choice about?

2) No one approves of everything that "taxes" fund. Even if you would have voluntarily donated to help the poor, build a school, etc., you know damn well that you would not voluntarily fund every stupid, destructive thing that "government" pays for. How can you be proud to fund things you oppose?

3) Unless you're a masochistic weirdo, there is no way you would voluntarily fill out all the stupid forms that the IRS makes you fill out, and there is pretty much no chance that you would voluntarily happen to give the exact dollar amount that your tax return says is due. So unless you donate MORE than you supposedly owe, obviously the COERCION is what is making you pay that much.

The reason people falsely claim to be proud to pay "their taxes" is because it sounds better, and feels better, than admitting that they are someone else's slave. It's either fake pride, or this: "Oh, I CHOOSE to live and work on this cotton plantation! And I'm proud of how much I produce for the master! Sure, he would beat me if I tried to escape, and he whips me if I don't work hard enough, but 

I would rather pretend I'm free and that I chose this, than admit that something is horribly wrong and has to change."

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