Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I respect what Michael J. McFadden is doing to stop one branch on the tree of evil oppression.  Please support his work.  :) - Openly Voluntary One (OV1)



  1. Hello Voluntary One! :) I just happened to run across this while trying to dig up a comment I'd made somewhere a couple of months back. My heart is duly warmed! If you're not familiar with it, my Brains book had a good followup just two years ago and you can read some extensive excerpts from it in the "Book Selections" tab at http://TobakkoNacht.com

    Looking forward to reading future blog posts here: my first time seeing it!

    - MJM

  2. P.S. the "Subscribe to:" link seems to be buggy... it's taking me to a page of text.