Friday, March 28, 2014

Military Information Support Operations, dba SPLC

Have you seen this hit-piece by the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist L. Nelsen of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

He is entitled to hold his opinion and to express it, I just hope it isn't really his and is instead simply a matter of him "doing his job."  The article is clearly a piece of propaganda to make the modern peace movement look lousy.  I used to think the SPLC was a good thing, and I used to think they were not government-affiliated.  I used to think that they simply looked out for violent bad people and made folks aware.

Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Nelsen and his gang have expanded to "warn" the mainstream animals on the farm about kooks like entertainer Alex Jones.  They now don't like people that don't like their parent organization.  This is petty, emotional and small-minded of them.

There is a difference between the following two statements, isn't there?

"I hate the government and how about we all get together and blow it up and kill everyone within 100 miles of DC"
     ...or ...
"I have some intellectual challenges for the accepted status quo regarding social organization, and am involved in a field of study that is not the norm but is based completely on peace and education, be it right or wrong, and I seek to find the truth."

I would expect that the first statement should raise some red flags, but to get upset with a bunch of peaceful computer programmers and engineers that were rejected by MENSA for having an alternative perspective on social science issues that they enjoy sharing in the marketplace of ideas and to list them on a website alongside racists and violent people?  Shame on the SPLC.  This type of move is why the SPLC has become far less respected and is in decline as a trusted intelligence source by law enforcement.

Do we voluntaryists exist?  Yes.  Have our ideas made sense to quite a few folks and have we grown in numbers from less than 2,000 ten years ago to over 150,000 today?  Yes.  What percentage of true voluntaryists (excluding hippies that have not studied Austrian economics and social science, but think it would be groovy to jump on the voluntaryist bandwagon and call themselves anarcho-capitalists) have done anything more violent than Gandhi?  My suspicion would be that the frequency of violent events is far smaller than the frequency among conservatives or liberals (even excluding those "fighting for my freedom" by killing brown people in sandboxes).

We are physically harmless.  Intellectually, we just might come up with some ideas that would not bode well for those in power.  I would expect that those people would defend themselves by hiring strategists to evaluate the threat level and develop solutions including "information support operations" otherwise known as propaganda.  My sadness is that the pons at the SPLC are groomed and guided into really truly believing in the existence of boogie-men that don't exist.  Crying "Wolf" at peace advocate Carl Watner will lead me to ignoring your cry of "Wolf" when some violent religious racist piece of crap is REALLY up to no good.

The gummint and their "private partners" will not understand this blog post.  They will roll their eyes, quickly figure out my real name, realize it has popped up before and will make a note that I am still active.  They will realize that I am an attention-seeker with an ego, and so they won't publish me on their hate page because I just might like it.  They might even be wise enough to discover that in 2011 I got a speeding ticket in a National Park... and that I am a gun owner and prepare to shut me up if I become worthy of shutting up.

The threat of releasing  a newspaper article to the effect of, "Asphalt Weapon-Owning Voluntaryist Formerly Convicted of a Federal Crime has Officials Concerned... bla bla bla ... and more BS piled on would surely make those morons watching network news "get concerned."  Might they forget to mention that the Federal Crime was a speeding ticket?   Might they make a common household item like a gun sound scary?  Might they count my doghouse as a building, thus being able to call my suburban residence a "compound?"

Paranoid?  Yep, with irresponsible hit pieces like Nelsen's attempt, I think I have a right to be.  Funny thing is, I am no more of a threat than Gandhi, MLK or Rosa Parks.

Newtown Action Alliance FAIL
Newtown Action Alliance supports gun control

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